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     There are many resources on-line for people interested in Sasquatch. The best, and most entertaining are those you can listen to.  On this page are some of the channels, shows and websites that gave birth to Sasquatch Sagas.

  The shocking experience led Wes to start a podcast mainly showcasing direct witness experiences.

  As well as weekly free shows he produces paid content for members. Paid members can also contribute to the SasChron community via a members-only forum.

Sasquatch Chronicles is a blog and podcast type site run by Wes Germer, who with his brother Woody had a

run-in with a troop of Sasquatch on Yakult Mountain in 2012.


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World Bigfoot Radio is Brian 'Duke' Sullivan's channel on youtube. 

Duke's first encounter was with a Wendigo, or Type4 Sasquatch and he is one of the few witnesses who have survived to tell the tale. (Read about it from the Wendigo's perspective HERE.)

His channel includes interviews with great guests and videos of field research. Duke's findings and theories are one of the biggest inspirations behind the stories that collectively make up Sasquatch Sagas.

Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio is another regular encounter-type podcast put on by Vic Cundiff.


It is alike to Sasquatch Chronicles in that Vic interviews witnesses who have had encounters with these creatures.

Vic's shows can be listened to free of charge from his website or via his youtube channel.

Fans can support his work by paying a small fee for ad-free shows.

Dogman Encounters Radio is another regular podcast put on by Vic Cundiff.


After interviewing many witnesses of Bigfoot encounters, Vic saw there was a need for a place for witnesses of the terrifying Dogman to be able to share their encounters. The shows are only available via youtube.  

Bigfoot Crossroads is the youtube home channel for the Bigfoot Outlaws.

With over 60 years of combined experience researching 'Boogers' these guys put on a very entertaining and informative show discussing habits and behaviours of Sasquatch. 

The Yowie Hunters website is a comprehensive database of information regarding Australia's version of Bigfoot, the Yowie.

     You can peruse thousands of reports, listen to witness accounts and view the always interesting discussion on the forum, all free of charge.

Lone Star Apes and Other Questionable Critters is an excellent site detailing the work of Steven and Jennifer James.

Steven was an active investigator of the sasquatch  phenomena during the late 1990’s in Washington state, in which he participated in research efforts that laid the groundwork for the discovery of the “Skookum Cast“...

an amazing partial body cast of a resting Sasquatch.

Steven and Jennifer created Lone Star Apes after having become aware of the depth of sasquatch-type lore in a place that common sense would tell you should have none... West Texas.

The reports and sightings published at have been gathered from a variety of sources, and have been categorized in a unique way that  leads to new understandings of their significance, not listed by “county”, but rather by geological feature.

Active researchers, their blog is also well worth checking out regularly for Field Research Notes, Audio Recordings and other discoveries.

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