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     It is a popular urban legend that in the past the scientists of some countries tried to create a ‘Super Soldier’ by combining the genetics of man with apes. The idea was the ape’s immense strength and agility could be supplemented with human intelligence and willingness to follow orders... not to mention they would not be considered ‘human’ and therefore would have none of the rights there-of.

   The most famous (or infamous) of these experiments were carried out by Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov, a Russian scientist who had successfully started the world’s first Artificial Insemination project for racehorses under the Tzar.   

     His artificial insemination experiments successfully crossed many closely related species: donkeys and zebras, mice and rats and other rodents, birds, and various species of cattle, creating specialized hybrid animals for agricultural and industrial purposes.

     In 1924 Dr Ivanov approached the new Bolshevik government with a concept he had quietly speculated about for many years... the ‘proving’ of Darwin’s Evolutionary theory via the crossbreeding of apes and humans.

     In support for Ivanov's grant proposal, the  Commissariat of Agriculture said:

     "...The topic proposed by Professor Ivanov...should become a decisive blow to the religious teachings, and may be aptly used in our propaganda and in our struggle for the liberation of working people from the power of the Church."

    The theory contends that this anti-religion argument was superseded by the desire to create Supersoldiers that could then replace the hundreds of thousands of regular troops who had given their lives during World War One... soldiers  possessing superhuman strength and endurance, who would follow any order, eat anything, and ignore pain or injury.

    Two years after he presented his ideas to the Russian Government, Dr Ivanov finally set sail for Africa. During his expedition he managed to procure 20 apes of different varieties that he hoped to experiment with in his new laboratory in the subtropical Soviet republic of Abkhazia. Reportedly he managed to convince five soviet women to volunteer their wombs for the experiments. but only 5 apes survived the journey back from Africa.

     By the time Dr Ivanov was ready to proceed with his experiments only one ape was still alive, a 26 year old Orangutan called ironically, Tarzan. Unfortunately Tarzan also soon died from a brain haemorrhage.


     Eventually he was able to acquire more apes that arrived in 1930, but the good Dr Ivanov had by then fallen victim to a widespread purge of scientists and was exiled to Kazakhstan. He was released the next year but died soon after.


     It is speculated by proponents of the 'SuperSoldier Theory' that the West, after hearing of Ivanov’s radical ideas began also attempting to breed Ape Men in order to not fall behind in the ‘arms race’. However there is no trace of any such activities in the public record.

     While some scientists agree such a thing may be possible with today’s technology using genes rather than AI, most believe it to be impossible. Of course, if such experiments were successfully carried out we would never hear of it. The public outrage would be immense and while there have been multiple reports of various types of ‘secret weapons’ being used in theatres of war like Iraq, to date nobody has reported any use of Ape-Man-Like ‘Super-Soldiers’.

In the author's opinion the theory that Sasquatch is an escaped result of such experimentation fails for two very simple reasons:


1, Sasquatch has been reported in myth, legend and folklore for countless centuries. It is NOT a modern phenomenon. And:


2, The witness reports of these animals number in the tens of thousands. there are simply far too many to be the result of a few escaped experiments.

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