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What IS the

     The Wild Woods Foundation is a Private, Not-For-Profit organisation inspired by a lifetime of watching rolling green hills of farms and and forests get bought up by developers and turned into seas of concrete and suburban estates.

     The Wild Woods Foundation is chartered to purchase and set aside land for wildlife, forever protecting it from development.

To stop this...                                                                                From becoming this...

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Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 10.08.10

     ALL profits from Sasquatch Sagas, including sales from books, apparel, Youtube revenue, donations, etc go direct to the Foundation's Savings cash account and are used to fund the purchase of land that would otherwise be developed and turned into new suburbs, strip malls and Industrial Estates. 

     The land is then set aside and protected forever from being developed into anything other than rehabilitation areas for flora and fauna both native and domesticated.

     People support the Wild Woods Foundation and its charter by purchasing books, T-shirts, and artwork at our official merch store Donations via paypal, Patreon or Bitcoin are happily accepted too. 

     People also support the Wild Woods Foundation by sharing Sasquatch Saga videos and books on social media, by subscribing to this website and joining the Sasquatch Sagas Troop on FaceBook or by following byBigfoot on Instagram.

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