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After his parents are violently taken from him

 a Young Sasquatch has to reconcile the horror of his grief with the smouldering rage of his misfortune.

     He must master his own inner demons if he is to have any hope to survive alone in a harsh and dangerous world.

     As he struggles to come to terms with the tragedy of his existence, the identities of his enemies shift and flow like shadows in the fog.

     Are the real monsters without... or within?


     Thousands of hours of witness reports inspired this Bigfoot Story with a difference.

"Awesome, just Awesome! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the Sagas." ... Jack, Sasquatch Eyewitness


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"A rollercoaster ride of action, suspense, emotion, and discovery, that gives a highly plausible insight into the life and world of Sasquatch. An exciting Bigfoot story told from the perspective of the animal itself."  Damien T, Sasquatch Eyewitness

"A fascinating read as it tells the story from the Sasquatch's viewpoint.  Mr. Wildwood does a tremendous job of revealing the culture within a Sasquatch clan as well as their entire species.  

The story leaves you rooting for the Sasquatch. It gives a great understanding of the lifestyle necessary to survive and elude humans....while taking as much food from them as possible. 

And this is only the first story in the Sagas. It looks to be a helluva ride!”    Eric B.  Washington State

"An amazing but believable tale incorporating Bigfoot lore and research, Dogman, Government cover ups, and blending it all together in an action packed story of life, love, beginnings and endings plus the turmoil that goes with it...

Funny in parts while tragic in others and a great read from start to finish."  James P, Encounter Survivor.

"An intriguing story... Written in a unique voice."  Simon M, Armchair Researcher

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"The best sasquatch fiction I've come across to date. Look forward to future books in the series. Highly recommended this book." Jon (Amazon)

"I could not put this book down. Because it is written from the Sasquatch point of view, it gave me a very different perspective on people's sightings of the creatures." C Weller (Amazon)

"This is a must read, I couldn't put it down!!! I can't wait for the prequel and follow up to be released. I'm definitely along for the entire ride." Buddy (Amazon)

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